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Shamal Decoration Company is the largest decoration center in Sulaymaniyah, Kurdistan and Iraq
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What is gypsum board?

Gypsum Boardman manufactures a variety of gypsum boards.
It is composed of a non-flammable material in addition to gypsum and is covered with one or more layers of chemically treated cardboard. Fiberglass and silicone can also be used.
Gypsum boards are manufactured to be suspended gypsum ceilings.
Gypsum board decor is used to decorate the ceilings and walls of bedrooms and kitchens as an alternative to false ceilings.

WPC Wood Plastic 

WPC is a wood-plastic composite board in terms of percentage, consisting of 70% virgin polymer, 15% wood powder, and the remaining 15% chemical additive. WPC boards are the best alternative to natural wood. WPC boards are the solution to all the problems facing wood. WPC panels have more internal strength and weight and above all, no trees are cut down in their production. So .

                                                                     Advantages of wall plastic

  • Nice look and fit that lasts for a long time, if you are cleaning constantly, with chemical or soap, the quality will last for a long time.

  • The variety of colors and luster of the cladding helps to show all kinds of designer ideas.
  • It withstands increased loads and low temperatures, in addition, it is safe. 
  • Resistant to moisture, many types of fungus and mold.
  • Easy to wash and clean with simple detergents.
  • They are quickly and easily fixed by using PVC panels.
  • It is not difficult to replace it if damage appears.
  • It differs in thermal insulation of ceilings and walls.


OPEN CELL CEILINGS systems consist of a series of open cell units designed to be placed on a suspended grid. Ceiling tiles can be integrated with other metal ceiling systems and gypsum board ceilings. Our open cell ceilings are designed and built to the highest standards and provide an exceptional level of construction and acoustic quality, open cell ceilings can provide a flexible option for a wide range of projects.

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Shamal Decoration is the largest decoration center in Kurdistan and Iraq